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Category: Love and Relationships

How to tell my parents that my girlfriend is transgender

In today’s topic, we will be dealing with something common in the world of transgender dating. Sure, it may seem kind of an innocent thought to think of having a trans girlfriend or be attracted to trans women. However, are you really ready to experience everything else that comes along; especially when friends and family […]

Why are men attracted to Transwomen?

Because a trans woman likes to emphasize her femininity, whereas many ciswomen no longer do so? Because cisgender men feel threatened by social changes or, on the contrary, they embrace the challenge of the traditional gender and s*xuality dichotomy? Or maybe because they simply “like women with d*cks. I like t*ts and I like d*cks… Something erot*c […]

Transgender women who date transgender women

Dating… a word that sounds very familiar but a word that cannot simply be defined in a quintessential manner. It goes in myriad directions, above and beyond. You know the fundamentals of it. However, will you be able to have the same familiarity when it veers from what you think you know? There are a […]

Saving transgender women’s dignity online

What results do you usually receive every time you search for transsexuals, transwomen, transgenders or any keywords relating to it? Often you see that the first page of the results are filled with adult websites. Try opening a site or two and you will be routed to a page showing explicit images. A dazzling word […]