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Trans meetups in Argentina

Football, great food, great wine — you can find this and more in Argentina! But that’s not the only great thing about this beautiful country. Argentinians are very welcoming to LGBT people. In fact, in all of Latin America, Argentina’s LGBT rights are very progressive. Argentina was one of the first Latin American countries to legalise same-sex marriage.

Getting to know trans women in Argentina

The Argentinian government has taken big steps in making the lives of trans women in Argentina better. Argentinian trans women have been able to legally change their gender without surgery. They have also recognized non-binary as a gender.

Trans woman from Argentina
Trans woman from Argentina –

Argentina is also home to the first trans-specific high school which opened in 2012. The government also makes gender affirming care accessible to transgender individuals in Argentina. So the system in Argentina might not be perfect. But steps have been put in place to slowly improve the quality of life for trans women in Argentina.

Meeting places in Argentina

Trans women remain a minority in Argentina so there are no trans-centered spaces. But your best bet is to go to the clubs. They have many LGBT clubs in different cities. So you can still meet trans-oriented men and trans women in the area.

La Warhol in Buenos Aires

Keep your Friday nights free if you want to party. La Warhol is one of the biggest parties you can join on Fridays. They are LGBT-friendly so it’s one of the best places to find trans women and trans-oriented men. It’s definitely an exciting atmosphere here so you’re bound to meet someone who’s down for a great time!

La Warhol
La Warhol – Facebook @fiestawarhol


New Beep Pub in Cordoba

The New Beep Pub in Cordoba is a great place to get good food, have a drink, and meet people. It’s not a trans-centered space. But it definitely is an LGBT pub. So you can most definitely meet trans-oriented and trans women there. They have drag queens to entertain you with their performances while you get your cocktails. They also have great music you can dance to all night!

New Beep Pub
New Beep Pub – Facebook @NewBeepPub


Kika Bar in Rosario

The quirky style of Kika is reminiscent of Pedro Almodobar’s film of the same name. The place is known for being the most popular gay bar in Rosario. But it welcomes all folks from different walks of life. They host drag shows before the place turns into an exciting dance club. It’s also known for hosting the city’s annual pride every February. So you’ll definitely meet some trans-oriented men and trans women there.

Kika Bar
Kika Bar – Facebook


Trans dating made easy in Argentina

Have you been unsuccessful with your dating journey? Are you getting tired of trying to find the love of your life? This is not the time to quit. My Transgender Date will make trans dating easy for you in Argentina.

My Transgender Date homepage
My Transgender Date homepage

You can locate trans women and trans-oriented men through our website. The great thing about being on our site is you don’t have to be discriminated for your gender. You don’t even have to tell them what it is! They already know because this site was made for you. That’s already one big step out of the way.

All you need to do is sign up, make your own profile, and browse through our site. There are thousands of decent and respectful people waiting for you here. Trans dating will surely be a breeze for you now!

Famous trans woman in Argentina: Flor De La V

Argentina has always been accepting of the LGBT. That’s why it’s possible for trans women in Argentina to succeed in the industry they prefer. Some trans women have become famous because of their talent and determination to break down barriers. These trans women have paved the way for others in the trans community to succeed.

Flor De La V
Flor De La V – Instagram @flordelave

Flor De La V also know as Florencia Trinidad is an Argentine trans woman who has succeeded in media. She’s primarily known for being an actress and television personality. But she also is a comedian and is a burlesque performer. She gained media exposure in 1998 and then started being on television. In 2014, GLAAD recognised her for her advocacy and proud visibility that has advanced the equality movement around the world and in Argentina.

The best dating site for trans women

If you’ve ever signed up for other dating sites, then we know your frustration. They don’t cater to what you need when you are dating. They don’t filter out scammers or people who can be disrespectful. Some sites don’t actually care about you at all!

Maki with the moderation team
Maki with the moderation team –

But on My Transgender Date, it’s a different story. We have a team of trans women who know what you need. That’s how we became the number one dating site for trans women.

Since 2013, we’ve had different people from various parts of the world become couples on our site. You can find some of their inspiring success stories here to make you believe that trans love is indeed real. We only wish the same thing for you! Who knows? You might be sharing your own success story with us soon.

Signing up is free! So do it now and you’ll be on your way to finding the your perfect match in Argentina.

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