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Trans meetups in San Diego

Dubbed as America’s Finest City, San Diego is one of the best places to live and visit on the West Coast. It’s popular because of the perfect climate and white-sand beaches. But the best thing about San Diego is that it’s a top LGBTQ+ destination. So whether you’re gay, straight, bi, or trans, San Diego is a great place to be.

Getting to know trans women in San Diego

Trans women in the USA are known to have their own opinion and will express their freedom of speech especially when they are out of the closet. San Diego is located in California which gives trans women here more rights than in some other states in the United States.

Trans woman from San Diego
Trans woman from San Diego –

They are allowed to change their legal gender without gender reassignment surgery change. They can be in same-sex relationships and get married. They are protected against discrimination in the workplace. In short, they enjoy a better quality of life than most others.

Meeting places in San Diego

The United States is known for having many safe spaces to date if you’re LGBT. You can find trans women near you when you go to the nearest LGBT bar. Here are some of the places we recommend if you’re a trans-oriented man wanting to date a trans woman or vice versa.

Gossip Grill

Tucked in San Diego’s gayborhood of Hillcrest, Gossip Grill is an LGBT-friendly bar that serves delicious American comfort food and cocktails. It’s a popular hangout for girls, boys, and everything in between! So you’ll definitely find friends here. The ambiance is perfect and you might even catch someone’s eye here.

Gossip Grill
Gossip Grill – Facebook @GossipGrill


The Rail

Considered San Diego’s first gay bar, The Rail was established in the 1930s. It has a history that you won’t want to miss out on. The Rail has weekly events like drag shows and Latin dancing. Though it’s known to be a gay bar, there are LGBT patrons that come here. You can enjoy drinks at the bar or talk to new people. One thing’s for sure, it’s definitely a welcoming place to possibly meet someone interesting!

The Rail
The Rail – Facebook @TheRailSD


Lips Restaurant

If you’re searching for an interesting dining experience, look for Lips! Lips Restaurant is a themed restaurant in San Diego. You get the best combination of great entertainment and delicious food. Drag queens perform six nights a week which makes it a popular destination for a night of fun. You can meet like-minded people here and possibly find a trans-oriented man or trans woman in the crowd.

Lips Restaurant
Lips Restaurant – Facebook @lipssd


Trans dating made easy in San Diego

Do you feel hopeless sometimes with your romantic life? That ends today if you sign up with My Transgender Date. Finding love in San Diego will be so much easier.

My Transgender Date homepage
My Transgender Date homepage

You get to choose who you want to talk to among the thousands of profiles on our site. Trans women won’t have to disclose their gender identity because this is a site made for you. That alone makes the journey of finding a partner so much easier!

Map of dating places

Famous trans woman in San Diego: Dylan Mulvaney

California’s fast-paced and competitive environment almost makes it difficult for many people to succeed. However, minorities like the trans community have paved their way to achieving success. Many trans women continue to thrive today. So it’s no surprise that there are trans women in San Diego who are famous.

Dylan Mulvaney
Dylan Mulvaney – Instagram @dylanmulvaney

Dylan Mulvaney rose to fame when she detailed her transition in daily videos called Days of Girlhood on social media. She started her transition in early 2022 and was supported by many. She was even invited to speak with President Joe Biden at the White House about transgender rights.

Her following on Tiktok has reached over 10 million. However she’s faced backlash for endorsing women’s products such as a sports bra from a popular brand. Regardless of the negative criticism, she continues to advocate for trans rights.

LGBT Organisation in San Diego: The San Diego LGBT Community Center, Inc.

There are many different LGBT organisations in San Diego. These organisations are often non-profit and voluntary. These groups have events that help bring awareness and educate the general public on LGBT issues.

The San Diego LGBT Community Center
The San Diego LGBT Community Center – Facebook @At.The.Center

The San Diego LGBT Community Center is one of the largest and most vibrant LGBT community centres in the United States. The centre aims to promote LGBT health/wellness and human rights. They have programmes and services that help the LGBT community for the betterment of the whole San Diego Region.


The best trans dating site online

Ever since My Transgender Date was established in 2013, we’ve connected thousands of couples near and far. Our aim was to make a safe and decent space for dating and we’re proud to have made that happen. Over the years, we have constantly upgraded our platform to suit your needs.

Maki with the moderation team
Maki with the moderation team –

Our team of trans women works hard to make your experience on My Transgender Date the best one you’ll have online. If you don’t believe it, then the proof is in our testimonials.

We have successful couples who found the love of their lives on My Transgender Date. We want you to experience the same. So what are you waiting for? Signing up with us is free and you’ll be able to meet the right trans-oriented man or trans woman in San Diego!

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