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Trans meetups in Germany

Germany is one of the world’s most progressive countries when it comes to LGBT rights and acceptance. It was one of the first countries to recognize transgender identity and legalise changing of names and genders.

This country is one of the most ideal places to live for transgender women because of the better quality of life. That’s why many transgender women from all over the world would opt to move to Germany or find partners in Germany. People here are also very accommodating and accepting of LGBT people.

Getting to know trans women in Germany

Germany has taken steps to protect trans individuals. They make sure that trans women are not discriminated against in various aspects such as employment, education, housing, and public services. Trans women in Germany are allowed to change their legal gender but only after they get a gender dysphoria diagnosis and undergo surgery.

Trans woman from Germany
Trans woman from Germany –

Germany provides healthcare coverage for trans women — including hormone therapy and surgery. German trans women can live their lives and express themselves openly. Which is why Germany is one of the best places to live for trans women.

Meeting places in Germany

Germany’s LGBT scene is diverse and vibrant. They have bars and inclusive spaces where trans women and trans-oriented men can meet. Here are some of our recommended places to meet trans-oriented men or trans women nearby.

SchwuZ in Berlin

Schwuz is the biggest queer club in Berlin. They describe themselves as more than just a club because they bring dancing, art, and community under one roof. The crowd that comes here is diverse — women, men, non-binary, and many more. Everyone is welcome here, so you can definitely meet someone new at SchwuZ!

SchwuZ – Facebook @schwuz


Harvey’s in Frankfurt

Harvey’s is a trendy gay-friendly restaurant and cafe named after Harvey Milk, an LGBT activist from San Francisco. Their food is great and you’ll definitely meet like-minded people here. It’s a great place for those who want to dine in style, eat good food, and meet nice people.

Harvey’s – Facebook @harveys.ffm


Olivia Jones Bar in Hamburg

The Olivia Jones Bar is a well-established place for drag shows, entertainment, and comedy in Hamburg’s red light district. It welcomes people from all walks of life. Drag diva Olivia Jones welcomes the crowd each night. The drinks here are not at all expensive so you’ll definitely have a good time here!

Olivia Jones Bar
Olivia Jones Bar – Facebook @oliviajonesbar


Faster and easier trans dating in Germany

Finding a date in Germany can be challenging. For trans women, it’s hard to know right away if someone is trans-oriented. For trans-oriented men, it’s difficult to meet trans women organically.

My Transgender Date homepage
My Transgender Date homepage

There’s the issue of disclosing one’s gender identity and sexual preference. So that can take forever if you just decide to hit someone up at a bar. So why not make trans dating easier for you in Germany?

When you sign up with My Transgender Date, you’ll have so many profiles to browse through with just a few clicks. You’ll be able to meet and get to know someone you’re attracted to online before meeting them in person. No need to disclose anything! Just make your profile and start looking for that potential partner!

Famous trans woman from Germany: Charlotte von Mahlsdorf

There are trans women in Germany who have excelled in the industry they’ve chosen. The progressiveness of Germany has made it possible. Many have paved the way for other trans women to excel in media, politics, and other fields.

Charlotte von Mahlsdorf
Charlotte von Mahlsdorf –

Charlotte vin Mahlsdorf was a transgender woman and prominent figure in Berlin’s LGBT community. She established the Gründerzeit Museum in Berlin. This museum is filled with her collection of everyday objects and antiques. People were so inspired by her life that a play and film were made in her honour. The film was entitled “I Am My Own Woman” (“Ich bin meine egeine Frau”).

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The best dating site for transgender women

My Transgender Date has been online for 10 years now. In those ten years, we have found out ways to make your trans dating experience the best that it could be. We’re not even done yet!

Maki with the moderation team
Maki with the moderation team –

The secret to our success is our hardworking and passionate team of trans women. They know what you need in a dating site. That’s why our site is designed for trans women by trans women.

Over the years, we’ve united singles around the world. Don’t believe us? Our testimonials will be all the proof to inspire you. You might even be the next one to share your success story with us. So hurry and sign up now!

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