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Trans meetups in Australia

Australia is a great place to visit and live. It’s a progressive place where LGBT people can be themselves and live their best lives. Australia has taken significant steps towards embracing diversity and fostering inclusivity. This makes it one of the countries that trans women in Asia consider moving to for a better life.

Getting to know trans women in Australia

Australia’s LGBT rights are more progressive than many other countries. Trans women in Australia can change their legal gender, marry, and adopt. They are protected from discrimination and they can find legal and decent employment.

Trans woman from Australia
Trans woman from Australia –

Australia’s diversity is also one of the reasons why trans women here come from different cultural and ethnic backgrounds. But wherever you are in Australia, you’re assured that you can meet beautiful Australian trans women.

Meeting places in Australia

You have a lot of options for meeting trans-oriented men and trans women in Australia. You just have to know where to look. Here are some of the places we recommend to meet trans-oriented men or trans women near you.

The Stonewall Hotel in Sydney

This hotel is one of Sydney’s beloved LGBT hangout spots. There are four bars spanning three levels here. You can go to Public, VIP, DIBA, or Cocktail. These bars feature top DJs and they also have entertaining drag shows you don’t want to miss. You’ll definitely meet someone new here.

The Stonewall Hotel
The Stonewall Hotel – Facebook @StarObserver


Sircuit in Melbourne

Sircuit is a happening place for dancing and drag shows. It’s a newly renovated LGBT club that’s sure to bring a crowd in. They have exciting drag shows lined up every Thursday, Friday, and Sunday. So you’re guaranteed to have fun here.

Sircuit – Facebook @SircuitBar


The Beat MegaClub in Brisbane

The Beat MegaClub in Brisbane has been open since 1983. It’s the biggest and best gay nightclub open 365 days in a year! That’s right everyone, you can party here all week! There’s a lot of space for everyone here. They have several club rooms, bars, and beer gardens! So it’s time to wear those dancing shoes and hit the dancefloor.

The Beat MegaClub
The Beat MegaClub – Facebook


Easier trans dating in Australia

There’s the organic way of meeting trans-oriented men and trans women in Australia. And there’s the easier way of finding them. Of course, you can always opt for going to bars and trying your luck. But if you really want to make things easier, why not sign up on My Transgender Date?

My Transgender Date homepage
My Transgender Date homepage

If you’re a trans woman, you can easily meet men attracted to you. If you’re trans-oriented, you don’t have to explain yourself. All you have to do is browse profiles and find the person you’re interested in. For sure, you’ll be able to meet the one you’re destined for with just a few clicks!

Famous trans woman in Australia: Estelle Asmodelle

Australia’s progressive culture makes it possible for trans women to find opportunities in their chosen field. There are trans women who paved the way for others to succeed. With the success of their careers also comes fame.

Estelle Asmodelle
Estelle Asmodelle – Instagram @asmodelle

Estelle Asmodelle is one of Australia’s pioneering trans women. In fact, she is Australia’s first legally recognized trans person in 1987. She’s a master of all trades succeeding with modeling, acting and scientific research. As one of the first legally recognized trans women in Australia, she’s faced a lot of discrimination. She continues to be a steadfast advocate for transgender rights.

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The best dating site for trans women

My Transgender Date has been serving trans women and trans-oriented men since 2013. It’s been 10 years and our community has only grown larger and better. We’ve gathered respectful and decent individuals who want to meet you!

Maki with the moderation team
Maki with the moderation team –

Our site is the best dating site for trans women because of the people behind it. We have a team of trans women who have designed the site just for you.

Many of our members have met their partners here. So if you want to get inspired by their stories, here are our testimonials. We hope that they will inspire you in your own love journey. Don’t lose hope! This is only the beginning. Sign up now and meet the trans-oriented man or trans woman of your dreams in Australia!

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