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Germany is considered to be one of the most progressive countries in the world for the LGBT community and Berlin, its capital, is tops the list of cities that allow LGBT individuals the same liberties and rights as non-LGBT people. Not only is Germany the first European country to legally recognize transsexual individuals, but German people are respectful, accepting and tolerant towards those who identify as different genders and have different sexual orientations.

Berlin is an ideal place to live for many transsexual women and this is the reason why the population of trans women there has been growing. Individuals from the LGBT community are able to express themselves freely, go through their transition here safely and find the love that they have always been looking for. German men also have the reputation to be open about dating transsexual women. A reputation that even Asian ladyboys are aware of.

Since Berlin is the capital of Germany, you’ll find that most transsexual women staying in Germany reside here. It also has a lot of LGBT safe spaces where individuals can meet, mingle and date.

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Dating can be really intimidating, especially when you try to approach someone in real life and ask for their name and number as you risk rejection too. A lot of times, trans women on other dating sites have a fear of disclosing their gender as this can be a threat to their safety. Lastly, though there are bars and spots in Berlin where trans women hang out, it can be quite a challenge to meet them in real life.

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Date ideas with your transsexual date in Berlin

Dating in Berlin can be very exciting as there are so many activities you can do here as well as lovely spots that you and your date can enjoy.

Have a great time at the Motzstraßenfest summer festival

Since 1993, the Motzstraßenfest has been a highlight of the summer for the LGBT community. This is a two-day lesbian-gay street festival in the “rainbow neighborhood” of Schöneberg that marks the beginning of Pride Week. In fact, it’s such a well-attended gathering with over 350,000 attendees that it’s become the largest homosexual street festival in Europe. It’s a great idea for couples to go to this festival together to enjoy and bond with the community. It’s also an opportunity to share stories and meet new people as a couple.

Explore LGBT culture and history at the Schwules Museum

The Schwules Museum, which literally translates to The Gay Museum in English, is a museum and research center in Berlin with collections such as photographs, videos, films, art, books and many other forms of media that focus on the history and culture of the LGBT community.

It’s the first museum in the world dedicated to gay history and even has a library that holds approximately 20,000 books on homosexuality. Since 1985, this museum has been a great place for learning about sexual and gender diversity, which can lead to interesting conversation, especially if you’re out on a first date. If you’re a couple that’s into history, then this would be the perfect place to spend your time either picking out books or just learning about new things together.

Enjoy a night out with a party at Silver Future

For couples who are into the whole night scene, Silver Future is one of the hot spots with a young and diverse crowd. It has themed parties that are quite provocative and unconventional, which can be exciting for couples who love to party together. They also have a travesty show called “Dragoholic” every last Monday of the month, which you and your date can enjoy together.

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